Does Okra give out loans?

Does Okra give out loans?

Okra is not a lender and we are not in the business of giving out loans. We create APIs for companies in the lending sector requiring our services to enhance their lending business.
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    • Does Okra guarantee that clients will pay back their loans?

      No. Okra is not a third party between borrowers and lenders. Okra only provides a platform for the lending companies to garnish their clients using our APIs when they default.
    • How can I test Okra

      You can test Okra in several ways, which include: Our API or the Okra widget. Read our developer documentation to discover how to test in Sandbox and Production.
    • How does Okra work?

      Once you implement Okra, your users will be able to connect their bank accounts to your app in just seconds. After which, you can retrieve financial information about that user. To create this connection, your users need to share their online ...
    • What is Okra?

      Okra is Africa’s Open Finance API. We help businesses automate certain processes that boost their business operations. We also enable customers to connect their bank accounts directly to applications and services they require using their internet or ...
    • Who can use Okra?

      Okra enables any developer or company in Africa to access their customers' financial data, regardless of use case. Our technology offers companies access to the power of Open Finance via our API, which is simple to integrate and much simpler to use. ...