What is Okra?

Okra is a financial services and data aggregation company. We are building Africa’s unified banking API super-connector by creating a secure portal and process for the exchange of financial information between customers, applications, and banks. Our technology boosts the connection between financial institutions, fintech companies, and consumers, bridging the gap between the financial details of users and the organisations that need it.

What products do you have?

We talk about them here.

How do I get started with your products?

Step 1: Sign Up (Onboarding)

  • Share your business information.

  • Share your application information.

Step 2: Create Your Widget

  • Setup your products.

  • Customise your branding.

  • Customise your connections (are you setting up a corporate account or an individual account?)

Step 3: Integrate

  • Choose your integration method: link or codebase.

  • Test the integration in your preferred environment: Sandbox or Production.

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